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Life stories on a greyhound bus

I don’t know who you are. But I know you will be interested in the stories I am going to share with you. And I know you have the same beautiful stories you can share with others. Because we are all spirits in this world.

These stories happened all on a greyhound bus.

There is the most romantic love on this bus. The man, with long hair, were playing guitar at one greyhound bus station. The NBC reporters were taking photos of him. After playing, he asked a girl beside him about the time. Thus this young guitarist and this beautiful young girl got to know each other. He was headed towards Mexico, seeming to join a musical gathering there. They both missed their bus. So at a gas station, they asked a truck driver to give them a ride. They seemed to have some fun in the truck. The girl even drove for a while. The truck driver speeded on the way and was arrested by the police. The two headed forward and appeared on our bus. It was romantic. But later on the bus, the girl somehow didn’t want to go together with the boy to Mexico. The boy wanted to make some tries but also said he respected her decision.

Two journalists from St. Louis visited the boy and the girl and got this beautiful story. One journalist has a big beard and is very talkative. I can see he is having lots of fun as a journalist. He is very interested in people’s stories. I was saying to myself this is the real journalist. I was already fed up with those political journalists who don’t have any facts. I was determined that if he ever asked for my story, I was going to ask him to tell me his story first. For whatever reason, he didn’t visit me. The other journalist is quieter. So he is the photographer.

On this bus, one side of me is a horseman. He dressed up like a cowboy. But he told me: no cow, I am a horseman. He has a horsetail on the back of his head. He told me he is very interested in training horses. I asked him what is the most important thing in training a horse. He said patience. I asked: anything else? He said, patience, patience, patience. I asked him how much time he needs to understand a horse. This horseman manifested a very good thinking ability by the way he answered this question. He told me that if it is a “wild horse”, he needs “three months” to be able to “ride on the back” of the horse. He is interested in anything about the horse. He watched the movie Horse Whisper and said that movie has a lot of interesting facts. He was watching a horseman novel on the bus. On the cover of that book is a horseman who looks exactly like him. He talked with me about adopting various kinds of horses and the horse business. But I know he is not doing it for business. Continue reading


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