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Learning Essay–Business, Liberal Arts and Tech

Basically what this essay is trying to say is that the way school divides learning by major is insane, because everything is connected and you can not just learn one thing by itself, and also because there are so many things that cannot fit into those few categories of majors. So school is to make you unable to learn, to enslave you to be used as tools.

In Knowledge Discovery, I talked about why I wanted to study liberal arts, commerce and tech. I think they are the general basic knowledge each individual must have in order to survive and pursue happiness in the modern society. Yet the general education provided by the school system is far from enough for individuals since the school learning is far from the free learning.

Here I just want to talk about the relation between liberal arts, commerce and tech so that you can see they are really deeply intertwined and to excel in one of them you have to be very good at all of them.

I don’t intend the following to be complete. I also don’t intent it to be well organized. I am aware that I cannot do that, since they are so much intertwined.

Business is the biggest reality. In business, you are faced with society and people directly. You have to care about details, have high enthusiasm to carry things out. (In this aspect, many liberal arts people often lack. They often have big concerns and don’t care about the details.) To do business you have to break all the rules, try all the ways and be very flexible in approaching the goal. In business, you really understand people and society since you have to sell your stuff to people and negotiate with people. In business you are faced with the most diverse people since you have to deal with all kinds of people and thus you have the most diverse, dramatic, concrete and rich experience. In business, it is highly demanded that you can see through the truth. Business makes people communicate with each other since they have to exchange goods. In business, you have to make many very important decisions through which you establish your self-identity by the decisions you have made since you have to choose what kind of person you wan to be. Isn’t that what liberal arts folks are talking about? Continue reading


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Learning Essay–Learning and No-Learning

Basically what this essay is trying to say is that isolating people for many years in an artificial environment for the purpose of learning is insane, because learning and no-learning (activities) is intertwined. The school, which isolates people from real world for many years, is designed to enslave your mind, making it unable to learn.
Here I want to talk about learning. It is also about no-learning. I cannot talk about learning without talking about no-learning. They are just different stages of one life cycle.

A lot of times Learning is driven by need, tasks, activities. A lot of times it is driven by fun. Quite often it is driven by resource, or by learning itself aiming to complete a closure (maybe promoted by past background and new resources). They are quite intertwined. You have fun in something, you want to be good at it or you want to enjoy it more. So you choose what kind of life you want to live, what to do for you life, what activity/project to do, and what community to belong to. If you really want to achieve excellence, to grow, to try new funs, to pursue big happiness, to experience dramatic life, you need to learn, learn a lot. So you need to expand life, locate resource, know how to use resource and be familiar with resource whenever you find a new one. You learn, you improve your ability, you have new fun, new topics. You are able to interact with more people, you can do more things, you feel more responsibility, and you need to learn more… Learning around activities is the most effective learning. Only a few times do you need to just sit down and read/write. This is the cycle of life. It is just at different stages of life for different people, how much they are willing to suffer for a bigger happiness later and how much they are able to combine fun and learning together or how much they are able to shorten the period of each cycle… So know where you are at this cycle and whether to have more fun or more learning…

Only when you are not learning, can you truly understand the real meaning of learning.

First of all, no learning. Just enjoy the present. Just do the activity. Then be able to learn, be able to reflect, locate resources, reason and understand. But the most important is to apply knowledge in activity, do it best and fast and learn on the spot.

My rule of thumb is that activity or real life should occupy no lower than 40% of your total time. It’d better to be above 50%. 60% would be ideal. So it is ridiculous that school occupies most of your time.

Only by applying knowledge, knowledge becomes knowledge. Knowledge is associated with context and memory. So focus on activity/project. Apply knowledge and make it a habit.

In activity, I know what I significantly lack. Learn it. You can even learn it like a minor.

Human being mainly learns in society. Like what I experienced in my salesman work.

No-learning is real learning. I should enjoy the present moment. And I should still be able to learn. Most people are only good at one of them. I should be good at both. Do activities. Just do it. Only use knowledge to solve problems. Only use learning to fill insufficient knowledge and ability. But when doing the activity, just do it and enjoy it. Learning and no-learning should be separate. Try to complete but don’t mix things together. The majority should be no-learning.

In learning theory, you can reference activity theory. It talks about things similar. But instead of saying learning is associated with activity, I want to emphasize on no-learning. Learning itself is not the goal. Learning is not the whole thing.


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