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Tried using wordpress today. Tried moving my online notebook functions to wordpress.


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First Post

Contribute my first post to WordPress. It looks like a very good blogging software, with all the important features I desire well implemented. I’ve been developing an online notebook myself for some time. It is good to see those features implemented by WordPress. Ok, the journey starts.

Articles written before my first post are posted according to roughly the original timestamp. They are old and only reflect my thinking at that time, although I think most of them are still quite valid.

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Lessons relearned in another culture

I think I am about to be back to where I was before going abroad. Back to that height. Confident again that I can crack anything. Got my weapon back again. Having that confidence, mind will be more open and will be trying to UNDERSTAND things as they are. Actually such confidence is not in “me”. It is in every individual’s ability to “learn” things. I remember all the creative fun I had in China. I had so many forms to play with and I was constantly absorbing new forms every day. Really, just grow, have fun and create. If you don’t have creative fun, just do nothing. Don’t like big theories anymore. Being direct and fun is much better. Lessons relearned in another culture. I love to get the creative fun back. Really take things lightly and just be honest. It is based on language, familiarity with various forms of creative fun, be at the moment and be straight and direct.

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Different phases of liberal arts study, relation between business, liberal arts and tech

1st phase, just read as much as you can. No much thinking, just try to experience fully and deeply. A messy crazy phase. Get a general understanding and knowledge in everything. Get a little deeper in several things. Start mix things together.

Then do real practice. Do business. Think a lot. Think real. Think all those important things and make your choices. Be brave. Really experience.

Then come back to liberal arts. Absorb and create.

Be good at tech. Get trained scientifically and in an engineering way.

Really get to a whole new level. Really confident and powerful.

Liberal art is just to know what has been said and what has happened. Just read and know as much as you can. All books are written by other people. They are other people’s words, other people’s system. They have nothing to do with you. Business is to actually experience life and society, to experience and think, learn by yourself. (Liberal art is more just reading. Business is more about learning.) Tech is to improve your thinking ability, getting it to a much higher level. (Of course, it also helps you understand the physical world.) Then art is to foster creativity.

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