Lessons relearned in another culture

I think I am about to be back to where I was before going abroad. Back to that height. Confident again that I can crack anything. Got my weapon back again. Having that confidence, mind will be more open and will be trying to UNDERSTAND things as they are. Actually such confidence is not in “me”. It is in every individual’s ability to “learn” things. I remember all the creative fun I had in China. I had so many forms to play with and I was constantly absorbing new forms every day. Really, just grow, have fun and create. If you don’t have creative fun, just do nothing. Don’t like big theories anymore. Being direct and fun is much better. Lessons relearned in another culture. I love to get the creative fun back. Really take things lightly and just be honest. It is based on language, familiarity with various forms of creative fun, be at the moment and be straight and direct.


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Filed under Culture, Liberal Arts

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