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refactoring software is like refactoring novels

Just like Wang Xiaobo said, refactor the novel for many many times. That way you can learn how to write good novels. I think to learn how to write good software, I also need to refactor software repeatedly.

Maybe I can try borrow ideas/practices from one field into the other. For example, the wording and phrasing skills in writing novels, the design technique in writing software, and so on.


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Tech and life, why no software master among oversea Chinese

The interest in tech pursuit (also in art) is a high level need. We oversea Chinese are all fighting for survival here. Thus no general tech discussions. Thus no extensive interest in tech. Thus among oversea Chinese, there is no tech study macro environment, unlike when we are in
China. So it will be very difficult for us to compete with Americans, since their information in tech is from multi-channels and they have many aspects of interests in tech. Even though I keep this strong interest in cs, because I am also over concerned with my survival needs here and also because I have relied too much on Chinese in the past, my general interests in tech are also greatly reduced. I don’t think in real life about them anymore. I don’t connect them anymore. It just seems too luxury to me. But I really need to do that. Of course, staying in school is also a factor. I guess this alone will be enough to explain why oversea Chinese cannot be real masters, even in CS.

My high pursuit needs many real life experiences to back it up. This applies to my liberal arts and business pursuit. It is also why I feel the strong loss of the ground and an urgent need to rebuild it quickly in this new culture.

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Computer science, a problem solving space.

Computer science, to me, is actually a problem solving space.

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Elearning is already here!!!

I mean the true learning (online, offline) enabled by elearning. This place will just be a place to talk, disscuss, advocate learning every possible thing without school in ways we call real learning. (To be written)

Want to know earlier? Emal me.

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Once wake up, get up. Once get up, wake up.

Get up 6am everyday no matter when I went to bed, and after getting up, do things very fast (no thinking) to totally wake up and get into best state no matter how sleepy I still am. No matter how sleepy I am, it can always be overcome.

Once wake up, get up. Once get up, wake up.

What I am working on and do it fast. Don’t waste energy.

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Interactive Computing

Interactive computing, is to involve human being in the computing process and human being actually becomes the dominate factor in determine the computing. The features of interactive computing are: undetermined behavior (the user might use the program in many different ways), important to make the program easy to use, the interface should provide layered view to human being, the performance is determined mostly by human experience. Actually applying the concept of live centers as described in Nature of Order might give a good guidance for interactive computing. Just make the centers strong so human being can better interact with them in many different ways.

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Everyone has a creative core. We need to dig into it.

Everyone has a creative core. We need to dig into it.

In today’s nap, it was really amazing. I was making classical music. It is like what the novel Christopher has described at the end about Christopher’s ultimate music experience, his final masterpiece. I felt I was on a small boat in the sea and storm and wave were beating the boat. My body was tilting left or right, rolling over and over again. I was totally lost. I didn’t want to control anymore (I didn’t know if I was going to fall off my bed or not). I gave myself totally to this masterpiece music. It was really beautiful. I think deep in everyone there is a creative core. If you can dig into it, everyone can be the greatest musician or artist.

I also saw many pictures with abstract objects and colors, expressing various kinds of feelings. Some were more real objects, simple but expressing some subtle feelings.

All my feelings were brought back, in places where I grew up, with my family, and where I went to college. They greatly enriched me. It was so beautiful, just like before I went abroad. These were the most important things of life. How could I lose them? I am glad I get them back.

What I have worked very hard in the past year in liberal arts and in interacting with people, is already gradually bringing me back. Recently practical social experience makes me thinking real and getting real, especially today when reading those value-selling stuff. I guess these days’ hardworking on programming also contribute an important factor. I am afraid all these are important tools to tap into that creative core. It is the same as what I felt before going abroad.

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