Tech and life, why no software master among oversea Chinese

The interest in tech pursuit (also in art) is a high level need. We oversea Chinese are all fighting for survival here. Thus no general tech discussions. Thus no extensive interest in tech. Thus among oversea Chinese, there is no tech study macro environment, unlike when we are in
China. So it will be very difficult for us to compete with Americans, since their information in tech is from multi-channels and they have many aspects of interests in tech. Even though I keep this strong interest in cs, because I am also over concerned with my survival needs here and also because I have relied too much on Chinese in the past, my general interests in tech are also greatly reduced. I don’t think in real life about them anymore. I don’t connect them anymore. It just seems too luxury to me. But I really need to do that. Of course, staying in school is also a factor. I guess this alone will be enough to explain why oversea Chinese cannot be real masters, even in CS.

My high pursuit needs many real life experiences to back it up. This applies to my liberal arts and business pursuit. It is also why I feel the strong loss of the ground and an urgent need to rebuild it quickly in this new culture.


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