Comment on Joelonsoftware blog–Book Review: Beyond Java

Book Review: Beyond Java

I like most of Joel’s stuff. But I just feel he should appreciate a little more of the “new stuff” such as agile programming, java, python and so on (it is a general feeling I feel he has by reading most of his blogs). Here Joel cited No Silver Bullet as his reason of standing against those new things.

“It’s probably because we read No Silver Bullet, a stunningly important essay from way back in 1986, by Frederick P. Brooks (he of Mythical Man-Month) that has proven again and again to be spot-on.

Programming consists of overcoming two things: accidental difficulties, things which are difficult because you happen to be using inadequate programming tools, and things which are actually difficult, which no programming tool or language is going to solve.”

Well, I read Mythical Man-Month too. I was surprised that Frederick P. Brooks has predicted agile methodologies so many years ago. In other words, agile programming is following exactly what Frederick P. Brooks had outlined as possible solution/improvement to programming.

With all that said, I can understand Joel’s sentiment against agile programming and so on. But just because some people abuse these terms, it doesn’t mean Joel should discredit these new things.

Don’t know why there is no place to comment on Joel’s blog. So I have to comment on my own blog.



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2 responses to “Comment on Joelonsoftware blog–Book Review: Beyond Java

  1. Just found that Joel On Software actually has a discussion board for people to talk back to him. Joel just got another article on agile programming ( I agree with him on this article. Nothing is absolute. Everything is a trade off. And of course, you cannot call that “agile programming”.

  2. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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