On American foreign policy

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Well, here is a story you might want to know. It might provide you some more facts to look at when thinking about the issue of terrorism. The story is about America’s meddling in Taiwan’s democratic process. I had always been very unsatisfied with America’s foreign policy (although I think the American people restrain their government domestic power quite well). This story just made me believe that America’s foreign policy is more for imperialism control of the world instead of spreading democracy.

In Taiwan’s recent president election (2004), the president Chen manipulated the election by hiring someone to shot him with fake bullets. So he won the election narrowly by the sympathetic vote. But the public and the opposing party were very dubious of this gunshot event and wanted a full investigation before the election was declared legitimate. Many people gathered in capital to demand a revote, just like what happened in Ukrainian election. American CIA had the insider information about the whole gunshot plot. But American government backed up the president Chen. American government met with leaders of the opposing party, demanding them to dismiss the people on street. Thus America government has a president in Taiwan who they can control. With such a president in Taiwan, they can easily sell weapons to Taiwan. Recently American government demanded Taiwan’s government and congress to buy billions of dollars of weapons from US. They put pressure on leaders of all parties in Taiwan. There are fights now in congress of Taiwan whether to pass government’s weapon purchase budget.

I was quite furious when reading this story. Taiwan’s democratic process has very important meaning to Chinese all over the world. It is our experimentation and exploration to see if our culture can accept democracy. With such huge external force from US, this democracy can hardly grow healthily. It should be decided by Taiwan’s democratic process whether to revote or purchase the weapon. For about 150 years, Chinese lived with everyday of our lives like 911. For us, 911, although very sad, is not a big deal. If a 911 can make Americans give up their individual rights, don’t laugh at the dictatorship of China. We have lived 150 years with everyday of our lives like 911. You should think of more justification of such a dictatorship. Just imagine what America would turn into if it also went through 150 years of 911. How about other countries? India, Israel,… They live in danger everyday. Should that justify their use of violence? As the most powerful country in this world, America has every obligation to show the world what tolerance means. If America cannot do it, don’t demand other countries to do it.

Of course, all these cannot justify terrorism. But aren’t these the source of the terrorism? Ask people from Middle East to know what American government did over there. I used to tell people the good things that America did for China, especially for China’s education. But I knew American imperialism is beyond the touch of American people. As the sole superpower of the world, I think no other country (maybe excluding those European countries) can do better than US. If any other country has the same kind of power, maybe there is already WWIII. So despite all the bad things American government did oversea, I viewed it as historical limitation instead of an inherent problem of American democracy. People are selfish and they usually don’t know people in other countries. So it is understandable that selfish nationalism still has a huge market in US (as we can see from the propaganda in presidential election, people’s reaction towards outsourcing, UN and etc.). This world is becoming smaller and smaller. Americans should know what their government did oversea. Americans fought with their government on domestic issues. But there seem no interests in restricting government’s meddling oversea.

I still hold a fundamental belief that the way to get rid of hatred towards something or the source of loving something is to know that thing, for example to know other people, their history, culture, personal stories, their struggles, their fights…

I think if I am going to take any action towards Osoma Bin Laden, I want to make sure I know him well, know his cause. I cannot understand why people go fighting against him even without knowing him and listening to him.

Here is a good book: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: by John Perkins



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