On America’s response to 911

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Some tendencies with which Americans look at the terrorism trouble me very much. Although poverty might be an important factor that people fall under manipulative minds, American government’s meddling in the world certainly adds fuel to it. Talking about the third world’s poverty, does the western world bears some responsibility in causing it? In the early stages of capitalism development, how much had the western world robbed the third world? At least in the case of China, I know such bloody robbery alone is enough to bring a rich country down, although I hold that China’s own system has serious problems too. Those robbery are just facts and no government can make it up. Look at how the white government treated the native Indians and black people, then you can image the possibility of how your government might do in the world. I don’t know whether the black people deployed any terrorism in civil rights movement. Certainly a lot of them think non-violence is not enough. Isn’t what the white racists did to them terrorism? Throwing the black out of a running train? That is horrible. How can people do that? Are they poor?

Talking about terrorists’ attack on civilian and children, I know it is horrible, but I don’t feel it is very different from any kind of regular war. I don’t feel the huge difference as many of you do. War itself is already very horrible. In wars waged by America, there are also a lot of civilians killed, maybe more than those killed in terrorists’ attacks. All wars are evil. No war is necessary. No war can be justified. Certainly I don’t believe now that American government’s oversea interference is purely for spreading democracy.

Furthermore, if you tell me that terrorism attack is not the right way to fight, so how should those middle-east people fight? Can you suggest any way that that they can fight fairly with America? They can’t fight with America Giant with regular weapons. You know that. You know how David in the Bible fought with Giant? David chose his weapon. Terrorists chose their weapon. David also beheaded the giant. I am not saying I don’t condemn terrorism. I condemn them as I condemn any kind of war. And I don’t think people invading other countries without UN authorization has the right to feel spiritual superior to those terrorists.

What I really want to let Americans know is that you should grin and bear it. I was shocked and felt very sad when seeing those airplanes crashing into twin towers. How can people do things like that, no matter what you believe? But it is time to recover. Let’s be brave. 911 is really not a big deal, compared with what other nations have suffered in recent history. If America, as the sole superpower in this world, cannot tolerate, cannot return hatred with love, no other country has more room to do that. The solution to 911 is not to close all the borders and invade people’s private life. The solution should be reexamining your foreign policy and come up with better ways of dialogs with other countries, strengthening the role of UN, making UN better instead of abandoning it just because it is not good enough. 911 is a tragedy only because Bush is the head of the administration. That is the biggest tragedy to America, and to the world. What America needs to do is not showing the world America is tough by invading other countries. The world has seen the toughness of Americans from those firefighter who bravely responded to the disaster and volunteraily giving their lives to it. Many of them offduty that day went to help to just die. What America needs to show, as the most powerful country in the world, is love, as how the Korean family had responded to their tragedy.

I don’t know whether you know how the Koreans’ family responded to the beheading of their child (Kim) in mid-east. They returned hatred with love. The words they said brought me to tears. That is the attitude Americans should have.

Below are words from Kim’s funeral:
The center of the podium in the gym displayed Kim’s picture and placards on which letters were written in Korean, English, and Arabic, saying, “I love Iraq.”
Kim’s brother Jin-kuk, as a representative of Kim’s family, read the message “Embrace the Nation of Iraq, Love the People of Iraq” with English and Arabic translations.
“We want to tell you that the dream blossoming in Sun-il’s heart was Korea’s love for Iraq, the world’s love for Iraq, and our love for each other by becoming one,” his family said in the message.
“At this place where we now part from Sun-il forever while we are on this earth, we cross the river of grief and pain to profess these things with trembling voices. We want to weep, but instead we profess with joy. We embrace the nation of Iraq, we love the people of Iraq,” the message concluded. (from times.hankooki.com/lpage/200406/kt2004063016265610440.htm)


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