The Inconvenient Death of Brad Will

Read this article from Viliage Voice: The Inconvenient Death of Brad Will,ferguson,75024,2.html

It is sad that such a person made such a sacrifice.

From this article, “He was schooled in the Earth First philosophy of putting your life on the line. Part of the training is that these 400-year-old trees are harder to replace than a human being. Your life is less important than the environment you’re saving.”

Many people in the progressive trench tend to think that western civilization is evil. It destroyed other lives on this planet. They claim we should go back to the woods. Some advocate that we should tear down the current civilization and start over.

Well, if you really think that a tree is more important than a human being, then probably it is all right to do so. There is no absolute right or wrong in this world.

But I feel that many people might have fantasized the primitive lives of the native Indians or other indigenous people. It might be very true that indigenous people are closer to the nature. But there might also be many horrible violences within those indigenous people. When you, as an individual in the tribe, get violated, you probably have no place to get justice. For example, domestic abuse. The violences in indigenous people might be more bloody, more naked. People in African tribes cut young girls’ reproductive organs. Just recently, one got arrested here in US because he performed such a ritual on his little daughter. Thinking about those little girls, can you still say that primitive lives are far better than the western civilization?

Yes, you can take the form of the tribal civilization. Then you will always stay in the woods, fighting with tigers, wolfs for ever. It is not bad if you like it. But for me, I enjoy all the great fun brought by our civilization, such as music, novels. Right now, we are building a totally new world with our endless creativity in software . To me, this is really great fun. More importantly, I HAVE a choice to go back to nature once in a while to get back to my original form. If the civilization stays tribal, I won’t have a choice to enjoy all the fun of music, novels, programming and so on. We won’t have Jazz, rock and roll, and so on. In a summary, for an individual, it is easier for him/her to survive in modern society than in tribal society in the woods (if there is no war. Even we consider war, there are probably more frequent war between different tribes, although the moder war in modern society can be very devastating.). Also there are a lot more things to enjoy and to pursue in modern society. Life is richer. If you don’t forget the root, I think there is always more fun living in a modern society than in a tribal society. It is good that western people start reflecting on their civilization and see what is wrong. But it doesn’t seem right to just go to the other extreme end.

Chinese culture is also very close to nature. Indeed, we don’t have a strong concern regarding human being’s conditions. So we stayed in the feudal system for a long time. And I know even in the most glory dynasty of Chinese history, there were still a lot of individuals suppressed.

From the progressive trench, I meet many people who are very combative, like Brad Will. They see all the evil things of the current civilization, and thus want to tear down the whole civilization and start over. My question is, when you tear down the whole civilization, who can be the super smart guy who can still control the whole situation and reconstruct the new civilization? When society is in chaos, how are you sure that society will go the direction that you have wanted to? If you don’t have any respect or appreciation of current order, who will?

I came from another country. So I know things can be a lot worse without the systems in the western civilization. It is very hard for people to live and do things together. So we should appreciate what the western civilization have achieved.

To tear down a civilization is something of huge consequence. I cannot understand how people can advocate that if they cannot fully comprehend the consequence and their ability is not enough to avoid the chaos. That is very irresponsible.

Maybe they will say that it will get generally better and better if we tear it down again and again. I don’t know how to answer that. Western people are always aggressive. No one will be taken advantage of by anyone. But for me, I feel I have to be fully aware of the consequence. I’ve experienced all the bad things when society is in chaos. There are also so many things that I can do to change the system in a peaceful and fundamental way. I just need to work harder.

Only having a good intention or a strong passion is not enough. You need to have the wisdom and ability, and be fully responsible for your actions.

With all that said, his spirit should be remembered.


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