Two movies about growing up

Watched two movies with friends, Rocky Balboa and Night at the Museum. Probably both movies are not artistically deep or sophisticated. Maybe both are simple (Night at the Museum kind of has a nice plot.) But both are touching enough, at least for me.

To me, these two movies are both movies about growing up. One is how Rocky’s son grows up. The other is how Larry (Ben Stiller) grows up. In this sense, both movie tells the same thing: how people grow up.

In the movie Rocky Balboa said life is about how you can stand up after getting hitting down. No matter how hard you get hit, you always manage to stand up again. Yes, no matter how hard you get hit, you need to stand up and fight back. That is life. Stop complaining about it or looking for excuses. Fight like Rocky.

In the movie Night at the Museum, it is responsibility that makes Larry takes on challenges and grow up. Everyone in this world has responsibility, big or small. For Larry, it is the responsibility/love for his son and the lives in the museum. Yes, it is his moment. We see him taking all the blames, doing all the hard work, taking up the challenge to lead, serving silently… He just does it. In this small world, he grew up and made himself. After he gets out of that small world of museum, we are sure he can handle any challenge/difficulty in his life.

When we are kids, we just play. But when we grow up, we inevitably has to take on our responsibilities. Or in other words, to grow up, you have to take on the responsibilities. It is actually kind of fun.

I thought Night at the Museum is just a comedy for kids. But it seems well made. The plot is actually pretty good. At least the message is well-conveyed.

Well, this is culture.


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