You cannot choose history. You just participate in it.

As I am trying to integrate myself into the history of this country and this culture, I am still deeply concerned of the thread of history on the other side of the planet, the people in it, the struggles and fights generation after generation, and all the great fun playing in that culture. As I get more and more concrete and specific experiences here, the long-lost memory of my experiences in China gradually comes back to me. Just wish that the two threads can intertwine more and more in the near future.

But Bush is building up a fence on the border… Wait a minute, we come by air or sea… We can help them building the wall if they really want it, but to the benifits of no one. I am glad I caught the tail of Clinton years when I came. Maybe the beginning of another Clinton era too. Don’t know much about her. Always skeptic of politicians. Why didn’t she run for 2004, when we need her the most? Who is sincere? Al Gore? Why do Americans care about whether he is humorous or not? But I like Bill Clinton better. It seems that he understands better and is able to connect all the dots, a super speaker too. Don’t care. The real history is always made by us. (Good politicians, at the best, just work on top of it.) It is in our hands. You just need to actively participate in it. It is just like individually how you make the meaning of your life. So you do have a choice, a choice to follow the rule of the nature, to play well, and to be happy.


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