Wish you happy every day

Wish you happy every day

Today is Valentine day. I went to do the meditation. It was the guided meditation. The host Ethan guided practitioners to wish happiness for various kinds of people in their lives.

It is really a good method. It reminded me the time when I graduated from my undergraduate. Then we were writing on each other’s yearbooks. Mostly people expressed their sad feelings for departure and wishes for success or fortunes. I, however, took the chance to humiliate my friends on their yearbooks, or simply wish them happy every day if we are not close enough to make jokes.

As I have written before on this blog, the way we lived when in college is different from students in the states. We are arranged by the school to live closely together for 4 or 5 years. As you live closely with any people, there are of course a lot of conflicts, not even mention that we didn’t even have the option of who we live with. But after 5 years of getting to know each other, there is some strong bondage between us. There was so much fun together. And you realize that they are not very different from you.

So from that experience, I learned one thing in my future dealing with other people. I treat strangers like old friends. I know we will be friends if we have enough time to get to know each other. I know that is what is going to happen no matter what an asshole the other person is. So if that is what is going to happen, why don’t let it happen earlier instead of later (after all the fighting)?

Of course I am aware that there are still barriers between strangers. But as I put down my own barrier first, I can easily see the chances when I can take initiatives to tear down the other person’s barrier as well.

My friends said then that I had such a strong confidence and was able to be always smiling. I didn’t like the word Confidence since I was not aware of that word. Now I know that if it is confidence, it is not as much confidence in myself as confidence in every other person’s potential to fully develop himself/herself.

As my teacher said and I quote here, “there are two kinds of love: incomplete love and complete love”. Sometimes lack of incomplete love makes us forget complete love. Sometimes being filled with incomplete love makes us pursuing the complete love. Complete love makes us more complete in incomplete love. Incomplete love is based on incomplete self. Complete love is based on complete self. Incomplete self is our reality. Complete self is also our reality.

It is Valentine. If you are still reading, I wish you happy every day.


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