The meaning of life

If you are looking for the meaning of life, let me tell you the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to play. Hehe. I am kidding.

Self is generated by pulling of the inside and outside of the wall. Otherwise, there is no real difference between you and, oh, my shoes. Since the self is generated, it is better to enjoy it and use it instead of waste it.

When I was 5 or 6,  a girl one year older than me asked me my favorite color. I thought about it and don’t want to give any particular color clear preference. I just feel I like all different colors. But when she asked my favorite season. Oh, yeah, I knew that very clearly. Summer!!! There were so many things I can play in the summer, such as swimming (I love swimming in the river very much. For the whole summer, I swam 2 or 3 hours in the river every day.), hiking, catching dragonflies, fishing… In the summer, we always played outside until 8pm or 9pm everyday. And no school in the summer. Spring is also good because I can fly kites. Many of my friends like spring or autumn, or even winter. But for me summer is a clear winner.

Now I grow up and it doesn’t seem there are a lot more things to play in the summer than other seasons, my favorite season become late spring. It is a beautiful season and very nice weather.

When I was a kid, I hate raining days, although textbooks was always trying to teach us that rain is good for the farmers. I could not go outside to play in raining days. So sunny days are best for me.

Now I drink a lot of water every day. But when I was a kid, I seldom drink water because I don’t want to go back home to drink water. I just want to play outside. So I endured not drinking water for a long time and got used to it. I also didn’t like wearing any formal clothing that restricts me from running around.

When I was a kid, I always played to my physical limit. I was jut not very aware of my body conditions. I just played the game, doing what need to be done. After I grew up, I became more aware of not exerting myself too much. But I also forgot how to play. Now I am getting back to who I was before. It is just like in sitting meditation, even it is a lot of pain, you don’t pay attention to it, and you just focus on what you are doing.

I guess the source of men and women is different. For men, the source is PLAYING. For women, I don’t know. Is it beauty or love?



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