Creativity, Business and Buddhism

During my first day of meeting with my teacher, I brought three things to him: a stone, a pine tree branch and an acorn. I asked him that of these three things what are the same, what are different and which one he likes the best. Heaven on earth, here life takes on different forms. Everyone likes the flower the best, right? Creativity is to perceive the same common nature shared by various things, witness different patterns in different forms of lives, combine those patterns together in a different way with free will into another form of life. That is creativity. That is why Buddhism is the art of all arts. That is what Buddhism practice is about. It is the same as playing an art.

Deep in everyone of us, there is a creative core. We need to work hard to dig into it. It is the highest fun.

About business, what should I say? First of all, business is how this world is run. If you don’t understand business, you miss a big part of the truth. You won’t achieve anything in activism if you don’t understand business.

Business is about getting you hands dirty and being able to DO things.

Everyone has a huge army. We need to train ourselves to be a good general. You have ears, eyes, nose, hands, legs, brain… You need to know how to command them. When there is no enemy, a good general shouldn’t let his army running around, exhausting itself. The army should rest, but be fully awake. If you are asleep, even though the enemy put the knife on your neck you won’t know. Whenever the enemy attacks, you can get your army to respond immediately whichever direction the enemy comes in.

Out of free will, we are doing various activities in our daily lives. There are different types of activities. A complex activity such as writing software demands the use of brain. You have to think. Some activity such as sports and playing music requires a very high physical coordination of your ears, eyes, and your body. Playing is the best way to coordinate them. So you have to play. Some activity is more responsive, like when interacting with people. Then you have to be mindful, mind responding to mind, reading the mind. Interacting with people is the real fun. Sometime to do the activity well, you have to have responsibility. Responsibility is very important. It comes from true love. But responsibility is not enough. When playing some extreme activity, you have to PLAY. You should command your army well to do best in those different activities. So practice to be a good general. It is all about experiencing plus and minus in the activities. That is the thing you are doing every day. That is emptiness. That is peaceful.

If you can only find peace in meditation, this is the answer.


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