On Evolution

Evolution applied to human being itself often led to Social Darwinism in the past.

My thinking on this is a little different. Just some random thoughts.

If we human being is to evolve, I think we should evolve to be more human and less like animals. That means we don’t kill each other (Of course animals don’t kill each other in their evolution either. I don’t know why people drew the conclusion that to evolve the stronger has to kill/distinct the weaker. Maybe they want to speed it up, which is so much against natural selection itself.)  Maybe for us human being to evolve to a higher form of life means that we strive to protect the minority and we are able to. Of course, then you will have to understand what makes us human.

Of course, I have some ideas on where we human being is evolving. You can read my blog on web brain about it.

Sometimes I am wondering what the social science is doing there.


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