About Space

When you are in a very noisy place, it is very hard for you to do mental work. While in a quiet place, your mind is not occupied by noises and constant distractions from the thing you are working on. Thus even you are busy, there is still space left so your mind can move around paying attention to other aspects of the thing you are working on or being aware of the position it is within a bigger space. That is the space you leave for creation. Also although you can be very busy, if you focus on what you do, there is always space for you to rest when you are doing the thing you are doing. It is when our minds are attached to something, when we are still worried about something or the noises occupy our mind totally, we then have no space at all for rest. Thus we get exhausted very quickly.

If you are overwhelmed by too many tasks going on in the same period of time, it is always better to do less so you have enough space for each thing you are working on. Of course, if you can handle it, it is better to work on several things around the same period of time, especially when these things are closely related. Since you are mindful of the bigger space that the things are in, it saves you tremendous time if you work on several related things together. More importantly, that is the source of creation, which is to find the common ground in the bigger space and connect different things together.

Normal people’s minds are always attached to things that have passed. Thus their minds are constantly running around. That is how most people exhaust themselves. There is no space for rest. There is also no space for taking new things. Thus they cannot pay attention to what they are doing right now. By doing what you are doing right now, you create space, and make yourself available to other people. It is easier to stay energetic this way.

Playing soccer, especially as a midfielder, is about creating space. Just run backwards one step and turn around, you create space.

Each of us also occupies a space. This space takes things in, and output things. This space interacting with the environment is doing activities, which we can call playing. Such interaction with the environment is exchange of love. Doing these activities silently can make it easier for us to be aware of the activities we are doing.

Object Oriented Programming builds space around an object, making that object capable of doing a variety of things. Although for the current tasks, it is often not efficient to write it that way. But because the creation of space, there is the potential that spaces can cooperate together to do something much more. This essentially is life.

Solitude is to create space around self. So this self is more rich in content, more able to cooperate.

You need to have the space to be aware of the scope and hierarchy of space. Such awareness is the source of creation.

How space can be applied to learning?

You need to focus on what you are interested in. If you are interested in something, it means you are starting to build space around something in your life. You already know something about it. And you need to know more to build around that space. Also your life gives your various opportunities (activities or resources) to work on that space. Compulsory schooling essentially screws up people sense of space and is thus fundamentally wrong.

By deepening the space and being aware of the bigger space, learning becomes much easier, and thinking becomes more focused and straightforward. People need quietness, open space, and beautiful scenery to be better in touch with the bigger space (of course the biggest space is one’s life and the nature. Quietness and beautiful scenery connect one’s life and the nature together).

One other way to be better control of the bigger space and the small spaces within is to build better ground for each space, finish the dirty, detailed ground work. It is also important to simplify the space reducing it to a few simple rules, which is usually based on better understanding of the bigger space.

Layer by layer learning (see my blog Summary of Learning) is the natural way of learning due to the spaces one is developing inside of him/her. Learning by any artificial object such as finishing one book after another is not following the space developing in your mind. You have to feel about the space in hierarchy developing in your mind and learn layer by layer.

By developing spaces inside of you, you create life inside of you. Observe and see how you can make it more life inside of you.


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