Are we the same?

Note: this is an answer I posted on a forum. Just repost it here.

If we are not the same, how can I explain this to you and you can understand?

If two things are 99.99999999… the same, only 0.000…1 different, will you say they are the same, or different?

Meditation is to help you realize what is the same. No thinking.

Honestly, there is no much difference between you and, oh, my shoes. 😆 I guess this might get misinterpreted. But according to my calculation, they are 99.86629 the same, 0.13371 different.

Also don’t forget that you have a very large body. This large body is infinite. Like waves in the ocean, big waves or small waves, they are also the ocean. Waves should not say that they are not the ocean. It is a matter of fact that we are also this very large body. You might feel you cannot obtain the large body, it is too difficult or this is not practical to you. If you say so, inevitably you will be suffering because you are denying the fact. The fact will be working on you. This is indeed what you are suffering from day to day. When you die, you cannot escape this any more.  You will be suffering if you don’t know that you have this large body, which is always there and never changes.

So go claim this large body. With this large body, it is all inside. Nothing outside. This is essentially where your happiness relies. Buddhism practice is very simple. Just put it all down. If you can put it down, you will have this large body.


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