Dragon Ball Rap


Funny that people made a rap of Dragon Ball, my most favorite cartoon. Don’t know what they are singing.

I start reading Dragon Ball when I was in junior middle school (about 15 years old). Then finished the whole series in college. Yes, it took the author that many years to finish it. The character Goku and some other characters and stories are based on the Chinese classic novel Monkey King (or translated as Journey to the West), my most favorite Chinese classic novel. The novel is full of imagination. In my view, it is actually a great Buddhism novel. Monkey King is a fighting Buddha.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the stories of the Monkey King. When in kindergarten, we had an old teacher who is very good at telling stories. Monkey King stories are our most favorite stories.

Monkey King is Chinese tradition of grassroots and individualism. It represents Chinese quest for freedom and equality. Such tradition is very rare in China. It defies and laughs at all authorities. Monkey King is full of life.

Below is the classic cartoon of Monkey King made in the 60s:

Havoc in Heaven 1

Havoc in Heaven 2

Havoc in Heaven 3

Havoc in Heaven 4

Havoc in Heaven5

Havoc in Heaven 6

This is the TV series in the 90s. It is a quite classic version.

Above videos are all in Chinese. This is the translation of the novel in English. http://www.chine-informations.com/fichiers/jourwest.pdf 



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