Truth and creative fun in each moment

Today’s gathering topic is pride. Listening to them talking about pride and being humble, I was reminded many things I had in China. One of the living principles I learned while in China is to live by truth. Looking deeply into the truth is the way I break the artificial concepts. Seeing the truth, if I am really good at something and I say I am not, then it will be a lie. Seeing the truth, if I work hard, of course I am going to be good at something. Seeing the truth, I will of course notice that although I am good at something, other people are also good at something else. I guess that is the source of being humble. Living by the truth, I don’t want to pretend to be someone I am not because I won’t get what I really want by pretending to be someone I am not. Seeing the truth, I can see that sometimes it is a lot of fun to present myself as being proud. Sometimes it is a lot of fun to present to be humble. If it is really fun, it definitely helps other people. The real fun is to cooperate with other people. If I am good at something, I want other people to cheer for me. If other people are good at something, I also want to cheer for them. Working with other people is really fun. In each moment, we need live by the truth, be creative in that moment to look for fun in the truth with other people.

So moment by moment, we seek the truth, live by the truth, create fun with other people. Having fun is helping other people.

When I was in China, I learned this from the girl who told me Life is Colorful. She manifested to me from different angles how to live by the truth and have creative fun at each moment. By being with her, I had the real experience of truth and beauty. I learned to manifest that myself and helped other people in each moment.

It is very important to learn the ability to see the truth as it is. For example, in cs study.  To see the truth as it is requires various kinds of skills and understanding of different fields.

Tonight, by this interaction with other people, I was brought back what I have learned before. So you see, without interaction with other human being, one individual is hardly a human being.

I guess I am almost back to where I was when in China, synthesizing various things on a high level. I still need a lot of work on English to be able to better interact with other people, see the truth in the human world and create fun in each moment.


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