Doing things, learning and playing

Doing things is our primary activity. Learning is only something that arises naturally in order to do things better. If you keep doing things, you will keep learning many things as doing things in real life requires multiple fields of knowledge, and the learning becomes deeper and broader as your activity goes to another level. Only in doing things can you learn. Cut off from doing things and locked in just learning for many years is not learning. It is imprisoning.

Doing things in our young age is pure playing. So it is important for kids to play with various things. As we grow older and our ability grow, we assume some responsibility naturally and play on a higher level. However, most adults forgot that playing is the essential thing.

Each kind of activity has its own emphasis. Because we human being are limited, it is important for us to understand each activity’s emphasis so that we can better focus our attention to do that activity better. Thus we need to figure out the rules of each kind of activity. For example, my brother told me that the key of doing business is to be able to think about the next step while in conversation  (think on your feet). So each activity is rich of a certain kind of skill requirement. At the same time, each activity requires all kinds of skills. To learn a certain skill, it is best to learn in the activity that is the most rich of it. That is learning. Then we combine our different skills together to do the thing we need to do (I would call it the art of life, which everyone should try to find and work hard on) better.

With no-thinking, your body and mind can adapt to the activity in a natural way. It will be very smooth for you to shift from one type of activity to another type of activity. It is thinking or attachment to one side of view that stands in the way and slows down the natural process.


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