Lies and Truth in the movie Life is Beautiful

Today’s discussion of lie and truth reminded me of the movie Life is Beautiful. I watched that movie many years ago. I liked that movie a lot. I talked with a friend about it. She is a Christian. (I have many Christian friends. Some are very good friends of mine.) She liked that movie too. But it bothered her that the father in the movie lied to the kid about what was actually happening and shielded the kid from the reality of war. Thus she felt sorry for the kid. To me, actually this was what I liked about that movie. Seeing the truth, how can you explain the war to the kid? Even as an adult, I still have a hard time understanding the war and why people kill each other. The war is just insane. How can you explain that to a kid? The father did his best to protect his son from this insanity, and kept his son’s childhood intact with play and imagination. To me, that is truth. That was what I would do if I were the father. I am just not sure if I could do as well as the father. It took a lot of imagination.

Life is indeed beautiful.


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