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A mistake about China in the book: A People’s History of the United States

I was reading Howard Zinn’s book yesterday, and spotted a mistake made by the author. The book said the killing of students in Beijing happened in 1991. It was actually 1989.

I don’t know what to say about this kind of mistake. This is again the kind of mistake that can be easily spotted by any Chinese. Now it was made by Howard Zinn and in a very popular history book…

It might be just a printing mistake. But think of  other mistakes I have seen Americans made before, I don’t know how to make this.


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It is up to the Iraqi people to decide whether American troops should stay or not

Listening to Democracy Now yesterday about the senate vote about withdrawing troops from Iraq, and about the poll saying that 70 percent of Americans favor withdrawing.

I am a little amazed! Up to now, regarding Iraq, Americans still think completely from I am Self point of view. Whether American troops should leave or stay in Iraq, I would say that is not up to America to vote on now. It is up to Iraq people to vote on (especially so if Americans believe they have installed a real democracy there). You don’t just go to another country, screw things up, turn it into chaos and then you just leave. You have to take your responsibility for the mess you created. Whether American troops’ staying in Iraq will help stabilize the situation should be left to Iraq people to decide.

Looking back to the whole response America had after 9/11, it all originated from this I am Self. Honestly, even though 9/11 is a big tragedy, it is what people in other countries live through on a daily basis. If that justifies America to take a preemptive war, most countries on this planet can be much more justified to declare war on other countries. The whole planet will be destroyed immediately this way. The most powerful country in the world doesn’t have enough heart for other countries.

If making someone else happy actually makes you happy, why would you say s/he is not you? People always obsessed with I am Self will not gain their true self and therefore will always be suffering. Western culture/people has too many conflicts with the outside world.

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