Pick up girls in Barnes & Noble

Do people start to pick up girls in Barnes& Noble? Is this becoming a trend or something? Last weekend, I just stood in B&N for one hour and I heard two instance of guys trying to pick up girls.
One of the conversation ended like this:

The guy: we should get a cup of coffee sometime.

The girl: oh, I have a boyfriend.

The guy: oh, you can get your boyfriend, and I will get my girlfriend, and we can have coffee together.

I was laughing. All my lung, stomach, and intestines were exploded into pieces. Sorry, a little exaggerating.

When I told my coworker who just broke up with his girlfriend recently, he told me that his friends actually suggested him to go to B&N to pick up girls.

I googled Barnes & Noble pick up girl. B&N does seems a hot place for some people to pick up girls.

If you want to know which section these happened, it was in the philosophy section of B&N. BTW, I don’t read philosophy at all. Way past that a long time ago.


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