More about space

Space within, use the space within to follow the space activity outside. That is the space people can feel most strongly. Feel the joy of this space.

But each of us are limited. We need to use other space around this small personal self. Then we become bigger. To grow bigger, in a sense, is to learn to make the outside space inside, part of Me, to claim the space that we originally belong to.
See with your whole body

Learning and space.

Just do what you are doing now. There are a lot of dimensions to pay attention to the current space. Learning, however, focuses on one dimension from multiple space. Too much learning will ignore all the rich dimension of the present space, and thus lose the whole purpose and essence of learning.Compulsory schooling, is to make people lose touch with the present space.

Some places’ walking meditation is more about building space of themselves. While in other places, walking in step is to practice doing group activities, e.g. using our inner space to follow the bigger space the inner space is in. We use a different time to build the personal space. We do need personal space. That is why solitude experience is important. Sometimes we need to be alone. But we also need to interact with others, to go out.
space, culture, common space, make outside space inside.

Emotions are the response to the space.
When no thinking, the response is compassion, your true self.
Anger, desire… always have some thinking involved in the response to space, thus illusionary

Layer by layer: strong feel of space, jumping around

(To be revised.)


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