Doing activity is the only truth

Doing activity is the only truth (quote). And anything, if it is truth, has endless beauty. So just dig into the truth. Don’t be attached to anything, even Buddhism. The truth/activity will teach you everything. So when you do sitting meditation, just do sitting meditation. When you walk, just walk. When eat, just eat. When you sleep, just sleep. When you kiss your girl friend, just kiss your girl friend. When you help other people, just help other people. Whatever you do, do it best. When you just do it, when you just dig into the truth, you will discover your Buddha nature, or you will discover yourself with your Buddha nature. Playing is my way to call this “doing activity” in a very human way.

When doing the activity, what you do in sitting meditation also applies: be fully awake; don’t dwell on thoughts; when you find that you drift away in thoughts just come back to the activity; …

The same as you will discover your Buddha nature in sitting meditation, you will also discover your Buddha nature in doing activities. Just dig the truth.

For your whole life, find the art of your life and do it with your best efforts.


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