The Iranian president comes to town

I might be wrong on this (I do recognize a sense of truth in their protests). If so, I will correct myself later. But for now this is what I want to say.

When you live in America, you criticize the American president. When you live in Iran, you criticize the Iranian president. If you want to criticize the Iranian president, you should go live in Iran, then you have the right to criticize the Iranian president. When I was in China, people who protest whenever an American president comes to China are always the kind of people who I wish know more about our own country. Here for people who like to protest governments in other countries, I cannot help wondering what kind of people they are. Every country has its history and circumstance, without living there and knowing where it came from, it is too easy to criticize just from your own moral standard.

Of course, every culture has its craziness or even perversion. What started as just a slight emphasis on one side of view might get magnified through thousands of years of history. Thus without learning from a totally different culture, the change will be very different. It is just like each individual’s growth. Each of us is attached to certain things or one-sided views. As we grow older, such attachments get magnified. A person who is good at learning, however, will discover about his/her attachment through his/her contacts with many different people. If s/he is lucky, s/he will meet someone that will totally change her/his life.

So in this sense, I welcome the communication between cultures. That will bring out the real change. People tend to pay too much attention to things on the surface and ignore things that are deeply rooted. So if Americans want to change Iran through cultural communication, such as moving over to live in Iran or at least getting more involved in the Iranians’ life, that will be very helpful. But trying to make change via violence, via state power, you then need to be fully aware of the consequence of your action. Probably it is not in your control at all.


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