2008 US presidential election?

I haven’t spent much time in following the candidates. Just cannot pick up enough interest to wast my time on them. In the past, I would follow them closely. In 2004 election, I had followed it quite closely. But I already lose any interest in it. I don’t think anyone elected will bring out the real change. No one will abolish military. No one will even mention abolishing the income tax that supports military and compulsory schooling.

I have expected this year’s election to be at least entertaining. Has it been entertaining at all?

Note: followed up with the presidential debate on youtube recently. It is really becoming more interesting. Michael Gravel said he wanted to abolish military and income tax (hope I remember correctly). That is really cool. I thought no candidate dare to bring this up. Ron Paul actually said that 911 is not because they hate our freedom, it is because we are there. Cool! A lot of people said that. But to hear it on presidential debates is really cool. Just hope these two can stir up more debates on these really important issues. If they are as eloquent as Obama and have strong ability to execute plans, I wonder if they stand a chance in this election with the help of WWW.


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