Burma, China, and US

For people who advocate boycott of 2008 Olympics and so on, there is one reason that I know why the Chinese government maintains a strong tie with the Burma government. It is a power play against the US government. US government has been destroying democracy all over the world. Indeed, from my understanding, US is the biggest threat to democracy around the world. US intervention in other parts of the world is always used by the regional regimes as an excuse for maintaining a strong repressive state. Actually that is what is used by the Chinese government as their legitimate reason for high power to prevent US government’s taking over. As long as US acts as a superpower, an imperialist, and destroy countries all over the world, I think there are legitimate reasons for those countries’ government to strengthen their state power. Thus real democracy in those countries become very hard! How can you blame them? They just want survival. US can sacrifice their own democracy and freedom because of terrorist and safety concerns. How can you blame other countries’ governments as non-democratic and repressive?

So for people in the US who are eager to spend their energy to fight against the Chinese government, it appears to me to be a lot more effective and practical to fight against the US government right here in the states.

Of course, I know for a culture to really change, influences from the outside is very important. So I always welcome China’s involvement in the world. If you know the Chinese history, China has been too isolated in the past few centuries. If China can be a more integral part of the world and the Chinese people can be more in touch with the western culture, it can bring out the real change. I always feel it is a very good thing for more and more Chinese to come to the west, and for more and more westerners to go to China and possibly stay there for a little big long time. That will really change China! Culture exchange, culture influences are greatly welcomed. And it is peaceful. It is also fun! No Politics!

Seeing people who are eager to go protest the Chinese government, I cannot help remembering those Chinese people in China who protested whenever an American president came to China.


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