Burma, China, and US again

Yes, it happens this time it is not US. When it is US supporting the repressive regime or overthrowing the democratically elected government, you probably don’t even hear of it. If China gives up its influence on Burma, who will take over? India, or maybe US. As long as US acts as an imperialist and destroy countries all over the world, there is a legitimate reason for other state powers to counteract such a superpower. No country wants to be like Iraq. Not to say that what China did is the right thing, any state power should be what we are against. But if your protests succeed in its goal (which I don’t think possible), are you just helping US to dominate in another country?

Talking about sanction, when US invaded Iraq without UN approval, US should definitely be sanctioned. In my view, the invasion is the most serious threat to world peace after the 2nd world war. But no one was even talking about sanction. The same government who overturned many democratically elected governments and backed up corrupt repressive regimes around the world is now talking about sanctioning the corrupt and repressive government in Burma?

For people who are so eager to go on streets to protest, sometimes I cannot help wondering whether they have the knowledge and ability to change the world in a more peaceful way. If you don’t, I hope you ask yourself deeply what is wrong, and spend more time in learning and improving yourself.


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