Something to help you learn about China

Oversea Chinese students like to put on shows in Chinese new year to showcase Chinese culture. I often feel it laughable. They don’t watch that kind of shows when they were in China. But here they felt those things represent Chinese culture and they want to showcase them to the westerners. Those things are dead. Watching them is like touring museum. These Chinese students don’t know what is really the best and live Chinese culture. Especially for the recent 200 years of Chinese history, they missed a lot. Here let me show you some:

All these songs were from the deep bottom of heart, and they are full of suffering of the Chinese people and their reflection. When I listened to them again, I felt very shameful.

I found many westerners have no idea of what Chinese have gone through in the recent centuries. Even they are full of mouth of Culture Revolution , they have no ideas of what were really happening.

When I have time, I will try to explain each song.

Music is an easier form for cross culture communication. If you can read Chinese, I will recommend some good Chinese writers.



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