Lust and Caution (Se Jie)

About half way into the movie, I was thinking this movie was just like its name, only lust and caution (a lot of hatred too), there is no love. Then suddenly I saw something like love sneaking in. And as the story continued, I realized that it was actually a story about love at a very unusual time. When the girl sang for Mr. Yee, they returned to their original, innocent, unpolluted, and true self. What made it? It was love. How did the love arise? How did it grow? How did it end?

I wish An Lee had a prettier actress. Then this movie might be better than Breakfast at the Tiffany’s, which I like very much. What I mean is that I can see the logics in Lust and Caution. I am just not emotionally moved.

Tony Liang’s performance is great, especially the last shot. Love is very sad, isn’t it? Throughout the movie, he has been very successfully conveying the mind of the character at the moment. I liked his performance in Jin Yong and Gu Long’s martial arts movies. In those movies, he is very cheerful and talkative, contrary to his performance in this move and other movies of this kind he has been in. Actors who can play so different characters are really great.

As this movie is set in the wartime China, it gradually reminded me of what is life. Not that I think this movie has been great in presenting deeply of human conditions in war time (I think Life is Beautiful did a much better job in that), it is just simply the street scenes of China that brought me back to the memory of life.



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2 responses to “Lust and Caution (Se Jie)

  1. Ying

    The moive is not about love. I don’t think you really get it. The moive is about struggling in self-capture, about sacrifice to humanity, about conflicts within people, and thinking over about soul in confusion.
    The movie is not seeking to tell people

  2. Ying

    not seeking to tell people love in the hard time, it is seeking to cause the our deeping revise in what we left after hope gone.

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