Dumbing Us Down for Teach for America and Wendy Kopp

Read Wendy Kopp’s book One Day, All Children: The Unlikely Triumph of Teach for America and What I Learned Along the Way several years ago.

Wendy recently came to Columbia to give a speech, and on NY Times Teach for America was said to be like the peace corp in the 70s.

I would strongly recommend Wendy and young people who plan to apply for positions in Teach for American to read John Taylor Gatto’s book: Dumbing Us Down. No one can do a good job on education without reading Mr. Gatto’s books or sharing the same understanding on education.

Compulsory schooling is not to teach people how to learn. Instead it is to make people unable to learn. They should know this clearly.

Note: I guess the chance for Wendy to read this article is very slim. So I will be a little nasty here. When I was reading Wendy’s book, my feeling was that she doesn’t understand anything about education. Her efforts to build TFA was largely based on personal greeds, although initially there was a small portion of altruism. TFA may not be doing good for American education. It might just do the opposite. Her success is totally based on her marketing and the pretense of education. My eyes popped up when reading her book. Wow, she could build a big organization just by endless marketing and soliciting donations. This is really America!


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