Some words on social trends

The developed countries face problems that are quite different from the developing countries. Free market and democracy, compared with monarchy and feudal system, are definitely a historical improvement. They have been very effective in fighting state powers. But of course, they are not ideal. And people in the developed countries are still far from being free. So living in the developed countries of course means to point out its problems and work towards a better system that can truly reflect the essential values of human being. But criticizing all the issues of developed countries don’t mean going backwards to the system before democracy and free market. So it will be very helpful if grassroots people in the west are very familiar with the problems in the developing countries.

Of course, history is not strictly linear. It is pretty much intertwined. But still on the whole level or on the average, we should be able to recognize the advancement as a whole. As a human being can keep growing, the human world also keep growing, as long as we don’t kill ourselves and we don’t forget our lessons.

In our time, the theme of development in the east is westernization and modernization. If we can grasp this, we can easily understand a lot of social phenomenons. The theme of the development in the west is realizing the attachment in the western culture and learning from the east. Since the western culture is the dominate culture at the time, the processes have different characteristics in the west and the east. It is very interesting to observe it.

Overall, for the entire human being and for its entire history, the central problem has always been: how originally free human beings organize together and live rich and beautifully.


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