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My YouTube Channel

I will see if I can build a good channel (so far by collecting other people’s videos) with similar focus as topics on my blog.

The channel below is one Sudbury Valley School’s videos. I’ve know the stories there for a while so the videos didn’t give me many new things (For me, it is really important to actually go to some of this kind of schools to really observe and try myself). But if you haven’t known much about SVS, I would like to know your impression of going through these videos.


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John Taylor Gatto’s videos on YouTube

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Bruce Lee Interview

I watched a documentary of Bruce Lee from Blockbuster which includes most of the content in this interview several years ago. Then I knew Bruce Lee is totally on a different level from Jackie Chen and Jet Lee. Watch this video. It is great.

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Mike Gravel for President and the National Initiative

I fully support his efforts. He is not just words. He is not just honest. He has action and the solution. Let the old man (in a very respectful sense) fix the problem.

In case you are not familiar with Mike Gravel, his one man filibuster in the 70s ended the military draft, and his heroic efforts led to the release of Pentagon Paper. Read of his stories and what he stands for. He is our guy! I cannot vote. But I hope I can get more of you folks to vote for him, especially to vote for National Initiative, which I think is a great idea and does have a chance to succeed. If you don’t support him, you are not my friend anymore. Kidding. 🙂 Vote as you wish or don’t vote at all. But please do take a close look of his efforts. At the very least, they are the great stories happening in America that you shouldn’t miss.

Ron Paul appears to be an honest man. And I like what he says about the reason why people in mideast hate Americans. It is best if the election is Gravel Vs. Paul.
But still I need to make it clear that my support for Gravel is totally on a different level.  I definitely won’t waste my precious time to support Paul.   But Gravel is a doer. He got track record what he can do. He is very shrewed, smart indeed. He already sacrificed a lot and went through risks. His understanding of the social problems on a large part matches mine quite well. And his understanding is very in depth, complete with rich real world experiences. Look at the great efforts he has done for the National Initiative. He is really a doer, not just a talker.

Below is from Democracy Now! about his efforts in the Pentagon Paper leak. It is a very interesting story and a good drama.

His efforts in the National Initiative. This is direct democracy, outside of representative government.

Here is a track record of Michael Gravel from wikipedia:

From the nation:

Check out the youtube videos:

This is a good interview on podcast:

Here is google video interview of Gravel. It is a little long (one hour). But I think it is a very good in depth educational material on democracy. It is a lot better than wasting time listening to the debates.
You can dig him on digg:

His profile/groups on some other web2.0 web sites:

Note: My work doesn’t deal with government. So I pretty much don’t pay attention to the presidential debates anymore, only expecting some entertainment once in a while. I admitted I still wasted quite some time following up some debates on youtube, except the time spent listening to Gravel. I liked Obama in 2004. But in these debates, I didn’t see his policy any different from other candidates.


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Practice of No Self: Forget immediately

Quote: Forget immediately, then a new consciousness will arise immediately and inevitably.

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Parents United for Children’s Learning

The basic idea is to have a large group of parents organized together. They take turns. So every week, one parent will spend one day to either teach the kids some class such as music, or taking the kids to their company such as an accounting firm, a law firm or a news publishing company, to learn about how adults work in their profession.

If the group is big enough, kids should have chance to be exposed to many things. Of course, this alone cannot address all problems of children’s learning. But it can be an important part of it.

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Practice of No Self: What you experience in sitting meditation will all be applicable to other activities

But for people who cannot even sit  still and straight, I don’t know what to say. If you cannot even do this lowest activity (sitting meditation, which most of the time is no (mental) activity) well and move around just because of some pains, I don’t see you can do well in higher level activities in which you need to use your minds.

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