Driver Licence for Illegal Immigrants in NY State

This has pasted for a few weeks. This is a news coverage at that time.

The host critisized equalizing illegal immigrants to the black people in the segragation time.  But remember at that time, segragation is legal. And a centrury before that, slavery is legal. So I guess the host’s stand is more based moral ground instead of legal ground. If so, below is my argument based on moral ground, which I posted on a forum. 

“If you agree that people moving around states in US is an essential elements of freedom, why moving around different countries not an essential element of freedom? Can you tell me why you think people should be able to move freely around states? I can tell you why I think so. To me, each individual has the right to develop his full potential and pursue his happiness as long as he doesn’t hurt other people. Because there are different opportunities in different places, if we say everyone is born equal, then everyone should be guaranteed equal chances to explore opportunities in different places. To explain further, a person’s development towards a full human being shouldn’t be limited by his birthplace. With this understanding, I think being able to move freely to explore various opportunities is essentially an individual freedom. In communists countries, people are not allowed to move around freely, and we think it is a serious violation of individual freedom. In this regard, US is always a good example we can use to educate people there. In this regard, I think not allowing individuals to move freely around different countries is also a serious violation of individual freedom. And we all know the inequality of opportunities among different countries is much much larger than that among different states within US. Not to mention that US directly contributed poverty in many other countries. ”

And I had a post related to this earlier. 


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