This Country Desperately Needs a Real Leader Now

I just thought of the rhetorics for the preemptive war today. Those rhetorics sound plausible to many people. The country really needs a true leader now, who can perform well under great pressure and lead American people out of the current dilemma and headless situation. Only a real leader can go beyond those rhetorics for the preemptive war, and point people to the right efforts and the right sacrifice for world peace.

America needs a true leader now more than any time. The world peace needs America to have a true leader now more than any time.

None of the candidates are real leaders except Mike Gravel. Don’t expect Obama or Clinton to bring any real change to the current situation. They haven’t, and they won’t.

If Al Gore really believes he is a true leader different from other democrats, he should come forward to run for president (doesn’t have to be democratic party. Better independent), unless he thinks he is no different than other candidates. It is not time for him to hide now. He shouldn’t care about what his party peers will say if he choose to run. He shouldn’t care about losing either. Hope he doesn’t make another mistake if he still believes in politics. Maybe he should run as Gravel’s vice president? 🙂


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