Comments on the summary of learning

As I look back at the summary of learning I wrote 8 years ago, I feel I can understand it better now with my current knowledge.

In the summary of learning, a lot of emphasis is put on the feels (of space). When I was preparing for the Math exam intensively, I was thinking logically in a fast way and I learned the true function of the brain (or the thinking part). Thus I know for most other things in life (when I don’t need to do mathematical thinking) is not about thinking, but about feeling the space. Understanding this, I know better how to use my body and have a strong base of feels of space. So when you are not thinking, relax your brain, just work on your body, not your brain.

When you feel the breakthrough point, you also need to do some routine work to keep the feelings stronger instead of rushing ahead to have newer feels. You need some time to stabilize your feels and finally internalize the breakthrough. After some time you will feel you cannot progress as fast as before. Then is the stage for looking for the next breakthrough.

With good feels of space, it is much easier to find the breakthrough point (or the boundary), which if you work on can make you progress in neck breaking speed. To gain a better feel of space, many methods can be used. For example, a clear and operable goal or a project that can give you feedbacks on; a beautiful and quiet place where you can be with yourself and with your whole life experience; and meditation. In this sense, meditation is really about no thinking. Meditation is about just feeling the space, which is before the world of language and thinking arise and is beyond the world of language. Meditation is about just experiencing.


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