What I learned from Gravel’s campaign?

I share with Gravel the same understanding of the root of the problems in this country. But there are still a lot of things that I learned from Gravel’s campaign. Here are some of the things I learned or I think I will learn from Gravel’s campaign?

  • What can be done in the senate if you really want to do it. For many people like me who have never had any experience what is like working in the senate, it is hard to say what you can really accomplish in the senate as a senator. Because so, I always gave those senators benefit of doubts thinking they are just too limited to have a big influence. Gravel gave me some ideas what can be actually done in the congress. Thus those senators’ excuses for not being able to do something seem too bland to me now. I think if I spend more time to learn from Gravel’s campaign, I can learn more about the inside of the US senate.
  • Political campaign financing. How to follow the money.
  • Law making. Gravel has done a lot of legal work on the National Initiative. There are tremendous amount of things I can learn about law from his efforts. For example, the original concept of “initiative”, and how it was twisted by the corporations and power holders. This is a big treasure/opportunity for me to learn about law and democracy.
  • Be fun and creative. Gravel’s campaign is always full of fun and creativity. It reminds me of the principle of play. Just check out his youtube videos. Gravel has also been very creative in his campaign strategies, such as proposing a real serious debate together with Ron Paul. It is a lot of fun to read his actions during the release of pentagon paper. It reads like a great novel.
  • Communication skills. I can pick up his skills in getting the idea across. He has a very good communication skill.
  • Be passionate, patient, always optimistic, and willing to go through any pains. With so many frustrating things in his campaign (excluded from debates very early on, always low percentage in polls, no enough money to be put on many states’ ballot…), I am happy to see he has always kept an upbeat spirit.
  • On every issue (such as health care or tax), you can learn tremendously from Gravel’s campaign. I dug a little into Gravel’s solutions to these issues and have learned a lot from him. I look forward to reading more into it. I think it will help me gaining a lot of knowledge to understand America.

Many people don’t know much knowledge of law, democracy, and political details. Gravel has been very truthful in sharing his knowledge and revealing the inside to us. Other candidates are not knowledgeable enough and they try to keep those inside things away from us.

My teacher said a real leader should be able to unite both men and women. Gravel has love, compassion, sacrifice, courage, action, force, knowledge and power. My teacher said that to have a perfect consciousness you need to have knowledge and emotion together. Gravel’s consciousness is like a high mountain, rich and beautiful. Try to know about him, and I am sure he will be a good friend of you for life.


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