Thinking, feeling, and playing

This is comment on comment on the summary of learning.

As I said, from mathematic training, I realized the real functions of the brain (or the thinking part). So when I don’t need to think, I feel. It is to feel the space. So let your brain take a break and just let your body feel and work. How to feel better? You have to feel the fun. The fun comes from the interaction of your inner space with the outer space. This is the feel of playing. In this sense, playing is very fundamental to being a human being (although many people have forgotten it and tend to deny it). When you can feel the fun, you can play very hard, totally forgetting yourself.
There is fun on different layers. People with different skill levels will enjoy the fun on different layers. Learning, thus, is to feel strongly the fun at the current layer and be able to shift the focus to the next layer of the space when the fun diminishes at the current layer and starts accumulating at the next layer. When this is done smoothly, the person is learning and growing naturally.


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