Love, Rational, Perfection

She was a product of love. I was a product of rational, striving my whole life for perfection. When I met her, she was already perfect. Only she can dissolve my strong self and all my thinking, making me in love with the world again.

You are born as a human being. As a human being, you need to love. You’ve taken so much love in your life. You need to love back. You have a responsibility in this world. You cannot be lazy. You have to work hard.

(Note: Perfection is not the right word here. I don’t know what is the right word. Probably there is no right word here. If perfection can be put into word, how can it be true perfection?)

Some Buddhist teachers say that the particular love between different sexes will elevate your love for other human beings and the world. To me, it is not very much an elevation. It is more a realization that I am originally in love with the whole world. So it is a realization of our ignorance. Just put down our attachments. Buddhism is very simple, isn’t it?


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