Exercise your consciousness

Coming to a foreign culture, consciousness lost its base. Without that base, there are rare chances for the consciousness to be exercised, especially after I decided to throw myself totally into American/western culture. Without family, without friends, without language, without culture, I am pretty much outside of the human world, although I can still be with the nature. Only a few occasions such as very good friends’ departure touched my heart, for most of the time, my heart is barely touched by the human world. Where is love? This is the question. Now do you have an idea where love is coming from?

I guess what I mean to tell you is that you need to throw yourself into the human world, experience great ups and downs, have your heart deeply touched by the human world, and thus you will have love in this human world.

Since we are born as human beings in this world, we have no choice but to love.

For related articels on consciousness and brain: Language, Culture, Human Brain, and Consciousnes


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