What has always fascinated me

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a street canvassing activity, visiting stores door to door. It reminded me my experiences of selling Internet :), spring water, toothpaste and so on on the street when I was a sophomore in China. I am always fascinated by talking to different people on different social-economical backgrounds (and various skills associated with it), observing the full spectrum of the culture, its dynamics and growth. That is always something that fascinates me. I don’t mind some people can be very mean and scold me. I am just interested in watching the whole social space. I don’t mind people being mean. I want to work with them and have fun with them.

Although I also enjoy having deeper relations with people just around me, I enjoy exploring the whole social space. It was always my dream to walk across the whole China. I also want to walk across the whole America. The girl I was in love with couldn’t understand why I wanted to walk across China. She is very much a family-loving person. I love my family as I grow up and start missing it now. But a big part of me is really at the outside. I always like hiking, either in the mountains or in society.

It is like reading a very huge novel. I love tech and software. But they are only to help me better in doing this thing that I am fascinated with. I don’t mind going through any pains for this thing.

This is the thing that always fascinates me and I wish I can have a chance to go back to it soon.


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