Python resources for beginners

  • Here are some python tutorials:
      1. (very simple introduction to python, very good for beginners)
      2. (a classic tutorial written by python’s author, very well-written tutorial, highly recommended)
        • Python is very easy to learn. The best thing of python is that you can play with it. You can play with the language in the interactive console environment. You can try out those examples in the console environment directly. For a good console, I would recommend ipython:
        • Python reference is a very useful resource when you are actually programming with python:
        • As web programming is very popular today, here is one Python web framework I am using currently (There are many python web frameworks. This might not be the best one.):

        Note: I decide to post this on the blog because I constantly need to email people beginners’ resources for Python. I will continue to work on this to make it more complete. If you have suggestions regarding how to make this beginner’s page for python better, please let me know.


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