VC vs. Entrepreneur: a need to realign our values

In BarCampMoneyNYC, there is a little debate regarding VC and entrepreneur’s conflicts in controlling the enterprise.

I can understand VC needs to see profit, so they need to find the best management team. So if the current team is not managing successfully, it is understandable to demand a better team. I think it makes sense. I think here we need to have a change in regard to how we align our values. I think what we learned during the recent years, from open source communities or from web2.0 is that capital is more and more serving the professionals, helping to bring out the best in each profession. If VC and entrepreneurs can both align values around that, and try to make money by building the best solution in a profession/domain, that might be a more viable strategy, more healthy in the long term and more scalable. I might sound idealist, but  I think the trend we see now is that it costs less and  less to be an idealist. For a VC, it might be time to consider more doing something that is more meaningful and really solve the problem. and look at each profession try to bring out the core values in that profession.

After all, we are here to play.


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