Love is the only thing I have

When doing sitting meditation, you are not becoming totally “empty”. In the sitting meditation, you are doing nothing but stay with your true love. Love is the only thing you have.

The same in your daily activities, love is the only thing you have. Love is pure experiencing. Reasoning based on pure experiencing is natural. Thinking, however, often messes you up, making you not able to find your true love anymore. Do what you love to do, and enjoy every moment of doing it. With true love, pure experiencing and no thinking, you can totally give yourself up. Pain is not pain. Just play.

Note: this article is kind of cheesy. I thought of writing this one after listening of a podcast of Classical American Literatures. After listening to the talk about Emerson and Thoreau, I thought that was easy and I could come up with many of that kind of essays immediately. So here you are. Later listened to the talk about Whitman, and feel Whitman is really the great one! Emerson and Thoreau are no comparison to Whitman. (Well, I haven’t read of Whitman and Emerson’s original work. I read a little of Walden of Thoreau and don’t feel very impressed. Thoreau has some keen observation of nature. But not very deep. And I see as he is making argument for something, at the same time he is too much attached to that argument. It is hard to believe someone who was worshiping nature at the same time disliked Whitman’s poems of sex. I am a beginner of American literature. Maybe someone can tell me why.)


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