China, Capitalism, Communism

Since I came to US, for many times people enjoyed talking before me about China and communism. It actually doesn’t bother me at all. I learned not to be bothered by other people’s stupidity. I just wonder: yes, China is communism. But is this the only thing you know about China?

I guess it would be interesting to know why China chose communism instead of capitalism.

Actually China chose capitalism first. Before the wave of communism ideas came up in China, it was all about learning from capitalism, including the legal system and distribution of power.

What changed is after the first world war, western powers except Soviet Union treated China in a very humiliating way. So this opened something new to Chinese intellects. They saw something different from the bloody western capitalism. If the western capitalism is so good, why they keep robbing and invading us? So at that time, Soviet Union and its socialism is really like a new hope to China. Chinese intellect had been looking very hard for ways to save China. They have been learning very hard from the western capitalism. Many books were translated. People got killed for trying a capitalism reform. But they really got disappointed with the western powers’ behavior: constantly robbing us. So in this context, they started to look to socialism as the solution for China.

So we didn’t choose communism at the first place. We did choose capitalism first. It is just western powers had disappointed us too much.


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