In defense of Sudbury graduates: life is about simple things

A common criticism of  Sudbury Valley schools (SVS) is that if it is so good why it hasn’t produced many great people. To this criticism, SVS’ counter argument is that life is about simple things. Being a happy person who enjoys life is the most important thing. Recently I understand more of this. Life is really about enjoying doing activities together with friends, and about how you treat every person in your daily life. All these simple things.

For “great people”, they are a very small percentage of the population anyway. There are only over 40 SVS across US. It is unreasonable to expect some “great people” happen to go there. It is too small a chance. Actually for great people, they can survive any kind of environment. They can survive the compulsory schooling. It doesn’t matter too much for them. (The term “great people” is of course an oversimplification since there are lots of factors such as family environment and so on contributing to “the luck” of the person surviving compulsory schooling. )

It is however quite immoral for compulsory schooling to dumb the majority of people down so that they cannot be healthy human beings, and get troubled for their whole lives by anger, boringness,  violence, and so on.



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4 responses to “In defense of Sudbury graduates: life is about simple things

  1. R. Biggs

    At least they learn how to write. Your grammar is atrocious, your post is riddled with incomplete sentences, and “boringness” is not a word.

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