Mike Gravel dropped out of race

This is a very sad day. As I said before, if Gravel cannot win, I don’t have any hope for the change through political process anymore. To me, Mike Gravel is to test the boundary/limits of American politics. There is no one who can give a better shot than Gravel. If Gravel cannot win over American people, no one else can. We will have to push the change through other ways.

The real change then has to come from directly empowering people. NI4D is one of them.

American people finally had a political candidate that belong to them. But they squandered the chance. 😦

Don’t want to listen to the argument of there is no real candidate, no real choice anymore. You had a choice before. Mike Gravel was the choice. Why American people don’t see the choice?

The usual problems I came across when promoting Mike Gravel with other people: one is that people cannot really comprehend that Mike Gravel is the real solution. People cannot comprehend the real problem of America. The seriousness of America’s problem is way beyond most people’s understanding. This is really an education issue. People are dumbed down by our education. Another argument people gave is that Mike Gravel cannot win. That is ridiculous. If you don’t vote for your own guy, who will vote for your guy?

I thought Gravel at least should get a lot of support from grassroots people. But through my contacts, most grassroots people (including peace organizations) went for Obama. This is one thing that I really cannot comprehend. Does it really require a lot of knowledge (like the level of Noam Chomsky’s knowledge) to understand the problems of America? If mainstream media ignored Mike Gravel, how about alternative media?

Anyway, what a president can do is really not much, compared to the real change that can be brought out by people self-organizing with the aid of web and Internet. We are just at the beginning of a real revolution, which will start a totally new era in human history. The history of the minority of people oppressing the majority of people will be finally changed. Let the majority of people organize together and maginize those minorties (corporation, politicians…).

Note: as Obama clinched Democratic nomination, I would say that one damage that Bush has done to this country is that people get satisfied with Obama and this kind of politicians. The real problems that America is facing is way beyond Obama’s understanding. Will Obama be able to fix health care? Education? Military  industry complex?


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