Future organizations’ education responsibilities

Note: I was talking with a friend about the future of education tonight. During the conversation, I mentioned a little what I think of future organization’s education responsibilities.  I thought it would be helpful to post these thoughts here.

In my view, we are in the transformation into an open society that is largely based on open organizations. The organizations in the future will be more open and transparent. Furthermore, it will be part of the core competitiveness of the organization to make itself easy to learn for the public, which means making its profession more accessible and easy to understand for the public.

Such education responsibility also include providing internship opportunities, opening up the resource and facilities to provide training programs.

So various organizations will serve as education agents in society. We can imagine how this will fundamentally transform the landscape of learning when this happen in a large scale.

This is essentially a programming issue. If we regard an organization as a playing agent in the society who provide service or tools for people to use, it has to make itself easy to learn so people can play with it. I feel this is well manifested in the python principle. And with various open source projects (especially python ones), one essential part of it is to make itself open and easy to learn.


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